"I was impressed with your ability to weave our corporate and product messages into your performances so quickly. The card tricks in particular, drew crowds of people to our Trade Show booth, improving our visibility greatly at the show. In reviewing our show leads from this show last year and comparing them to this year, I am convinced that your presence allowed us to double the number of leads for follow -up".
John D. Palmer
(Marketing Manager), Banyan Systems Inc.
"Your superb ability to mix our company's important messages into your fantastic magical presentation has gotten some very positive feedback from the many people who you attracted not only to our booth but also our hospitality suite. Having no previous experience with your method and style of marketing communications made me quite nervous at the time I decided to give it a shot. What a shot it was! We at Kleen Kuip are very impressed with your service and the results of the Toronto show recently. We would like you to tentatively book us in for next year. When next year's show plans get confirmed, I will get back to you".
Ted Harding (President)
Kleen Kuip Supply Mart
"… this letter is to recommend Wij for his energy, talent, spirit, flexibility and for his ability to get the crowd interested , involved and excited about his magic presentations"
Kathleen O’Brien
National Public Relations Limited.
"When marketing first approached me about having a magician at our trade show booth, frankly; I thought it was a cheesy promotional gimmick that just wouldn't work. But boy, was I WRONG! Having you at our trade show was one of the best things we've done. You were very professional, well spoken, well dressed and a real gentlemen. Thanks to you, we increased customer flow through our booth by 300% which resulted in our most profitable trade show ever. Thank you Wij for helping us put money in the bank. See you at the next three trade shows". 
Mark Warren
(Vice President-Marketing), Golden Unicorn International
"Once again, I must tell you how happy we were with your performance at the Toronto Claims Trade show. Not only was the magic amazing, your personality and enthusiasm attracted an abundance of people to our booth. You came across as a King-Reed employee!". 
Carole Schwartz
(Marketing Representative), King-Reed & Associates Ltd.
Wij is the world's best magician!
Wij’s Mom